We're Trying

We are often asked when this film will be done. We've worked hard on it for a long time. There's much left to do. We promise that we're working on it everyday. Unfortunately, inspiration comes often. Yeah, that sounds funny, doesn't it? But, it's true. We continue to meet people who struggle to read just a little or who can't read at all. They keep us going. We want to tell all their stories. However, most simply don't want to tell their stories - yet - at least in front of a camera. They are not easy stories to tell. They involve years of suffering, years of struggle, years of hiding. Once in a while, though, someone we meet is at that point where they need to tell their story. They have to release it. They don't want anyone else to travel their journey. Those are the moments for which we sometimes have to wait. So, bear with us.