The First "Shoot!"

This TASCAM recorder has a funny feature. You turn it on and drill through the menu to set up - battery settings, file type, input, output, throughput - and then you push record. It blinks red. Big. Bright. You can’t miss it. But, it’s not actually recording. It’s ready now for sound check. Worried about how the sound will sound, you check it a dozen times. Things look good. Okay, sound good. You’ve got good volume but it’s not “clipping,” as they say. You’re ready to go. Fortunately, you remember - this time - to press the blinking-red record button one more time to start recording. Did that tip it off?

Yep, as it turns out, during a “shoot” you take takes and breaks. Of course, you really should just keep recording audio. It doesn’t hurt anything. But, some breaks take longer than others. Why not just pause the recorder to save some tiny portion of the gargantuan memory card you’re using. It could fill up after, say, 15 or 16 hours. You’ve been there three. Still, it nags at you. So, you press record again - to pause recording. Go figure. 

The recording indicators on every device seem different. There must not be a law about that. Some glow red. Some actually say “recording.” Thing is, some blink. That can throw you. You press “record” on the camera and it blinks red to tell you it’s recording. That sets your mind a certain way. Everything is blinking red. Good to go. CLACK! 


“Shoot!” The TASCAM is blinking red.