The Idea

Doug volunteered to teach at Literacy Instruction for Texas. You can learn more about LIFT at He met men and women who were able to read very little if at all. They overcame the fear and embarrassment of admitting they could not read and sought to learn. Their courage inspires. Their hard work uplifts. Some lives change. Their stories have to be told. 

The stories are human. These are people who, while children, were not taught to read or, at least, read well enough to use written language in their daily lives. Some didn't go to school. Some dropped out. Some graduated high school and still can't read. There are even those who graduate college illiterate. They feel they failed. They are embarrassed. They think they were just not meant to read. They don't know that millions of adults in the United States are just like them. But, it's actually a known malady. Studies have shown the numbers. They are numbers that really haven't changed over the decades. Literacy is not improving by any appreciable measure. Did we fail them?