Gearing Up


We want to better understand these people who can't read. Understanding people is always difficult. But, we are going to try. We want to better understand their inability to read in the context of the history of literacy. That is a daunting task. But, we are going to try. We want to understand why they can't read. That's a challenge because they may not know themselves, and experts don't know them. But, we are going to look for answers from both. 

We have shared on our "What We're Reading" page reviews of some of the books and studies we've called upon to inform us. We can't read everything let alone review what we do or we'll never finish the movie. But, we'll continue to read as we explore adult illiteracy. We'll share what we reasonably can along the way. Of course, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions as we don't claim to have cornered the market. Email us at  

With much research done. We're starting production. 

Our equipment:

Oh, you want to make a movie? Well, you better have something with which to make it. We started pretty much from scratch. Here's the gear with which we're going to run - for now. We'll let you know how it works.

Camera Nikon D600 

AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G  EDVR Lens

Ikan VK7i-E6 IPS LCD Monitor

TASCAM DR-100mkII Recorder 2-Channel Portable Digital Recorder

Sennheiser EW 112P G3-A Lavalier Mic omni-directional EW system

Shure VP83F LensHopper Shotgun Mic with Integrated Flash Recorder

Rode NTG-2 Complete Shotgun Mic

Manfrotto 755CX3 Carbon Fiber Tripod  with 701HDV Pro Video Head

Genaray Spectro LED-14 Three-Light Kit