Witch Doctor Baboosee

George grew up poor and got off on the wrong foot with the New Orleans school system. But, they seemingly didn't do much to try to help him get back on the right path. That left him in "special education" with no prospect of learning to read let alone graduate. He was out of school and unable to read by 17. So, George worked hard, much of the time at two jobs, because his employers gave him the dirtiest, hardest, jobs no one wanted and paid him much less than others doing the same or lesser work. An employer can easily abuse someone who can't read. Still, he found the time to pursue his love - professional wrestling. He might have made it big if only .... But, you can't give up a day job (or two) when you don't know whether you'd ever be able to get another one. And it's hard to find let alone apply for a job when you can't read the application.