For a Song

Dennis has a gift. He can get a choir to sing that three-part harmony that makes music, well, sing. He doesn't read music. Of course, that's not that unusual. As we are finding out, neither is an inability to read words. Dennis went to school for many years in Flint, Michigan. Otherwise a model student, Dennis says he just couldn't learn to read. It probably didn't help that he was never taught. Oh, he graduated from high school, his last few years in Texas. But, "school" was special education where he was basically warehoused. He wasn't taught to read. He doesn't feel like he earned that diploma because he was just passed along. But, is that the child's fault? Dennis has worked in data management for many years. He worked hard after graduating to improve his reading, but spelling is a problem. He has learned ways to cope with many challenges, but he's just now really learning to read, rather than memorize, and spell. You'll really want to meet Dennis.