Not By Design

She graduated high school, completed two years at a university and finished her degree in interior design at a community college. She has tested genius in IQ. She is great in math. She is incredibly artistic. She now runs her own well-reputed interior design firm. But, Margaret couldn't read when she left high school. She couldn't read in college. She tried again to learn while going to community college. That helped some, but she actually made it through on sheer determination and smarts. She got others to read to her. Out in the work world, it was a challenge. She was afraid to apply to design firms. She couldn't read, and writing was even harder. Still, she worked jobs at paint stores and furniture stores to be "in the business." She was able to get others to help with the reading and writing she couldn't do. Margaret knows she was lucky to be able to do this. Eventually, she started her own business. She was able to hire others to do her reading and writing. Nonetheless, she knew something was missing. Just three years ago she finally learned to read above a fourth or fifth-grade level. It seems to be one of her proudest accomplishments.