A "Moonshot Moment"

There's a tremendous movement afoot in Indian River County, Florida. They're shooting for the moon. They've undertaken to ensure that by 2018 no less than 90% of their third graders are proficient readers. Wait, you don't understand. That's way better than any public schools do. We traveled to Vero Beach to see the excitement. Barry Andersson and Antonio Aquirre set up, took down, set up, took down, set up, took down  ... you get the idea ... as we interviewed over 30 people, shared a breakfast while listening to wonderful stories of success, heard some children tell amazing stories at the museum, learned some reading with Ms. Tiffany Bland's third-grade class, laughed with Adam "The Dime" Faust, and shared memories and hopes with too many others to name here. But, we have to mention a special thanks to Barbara Hammond and Liz Woody, founders of The Learning Alliance, who handed us the keys to the community and made sure we went into every room. Interstellar!