For You, For Me

We continue to encounter adults who graduated high school unable or barely able to read. They always wanted to learn to read but gave up because no one seemed to be able to help. Usually, they came to blame themselves. They struggle through life with their limitation until something pushes them to get help. Often, that push comes from their child’s struggle with reading. Tracey followed that path. Though her twin brother excelled in school, she was held back twice. She couldn’t read in grade school and things didn’t improve. Her teachers didn’t seem to know what to do. Yet, the school ultimately pushed her up and out with her diploma. Then her son began to struggle. He didn’t want to go to "Resource" like she had. She understood that. He didn’t want to stand out. She understood that. She offered to get him private lessons. He tried, but didn’t like it. The only reason he went in the first place was because Tracey had shared her story and promised to try if he would. He hasn’t yet accepted the need for help. But, Tracey embraced it. Two years through a multi-sensory systematic language program with her teacher, Edith, Tracey is reading pretty well now. We’ll tap in to her story.